Chef Betty Vazquez

Chef & owner of El delfín at Hotel Garza Canela

Betty Vasquez


Betty received her academic training at the Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris, France. She is the chef who owns the El Delfín restaurant, located inside the Hotel Garza Canela, nestled in the historic port of San Blas, in the Riviera Nayarit. In recent years, the restaurant has been part of the S. Pellegrino®, Nespresso®, Mexican Culinary Mexico Gastronomic Guide, which brings together the 120 best restaurants in the country.

His brand and motto of life is: “With Flavor of the Sea”, which he imprints on everything he creates. Gastronomic ambassador of Nayarit cuisine in countries such as Greece, the United States, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, and Canada. Winner of 2nd place in Iron Chef Canada in 2013, representing Mexican cuisine. In 2014, the Nayarit state government recognized her professional career by giving her the title of International Ambassador of Nayarit cuisine.

Official ambassador of the Bergner® brand. In 2017, it won the National Award for Tourism Education awarded by AMESTUR. Recognized by The Culinary Institute of America as one of the 100 most important chefs of traditional cuisine. Researcher and scholar of her roots, she has been featured in a large part of the gastronomic media in Mexico and renowned magazines in Spain, France, and the United States. Joined. Due to her affable character and her training as a kitchen teacher, in 2015 she was invited to be part of the panel of judges in the broadcast of the Mexican version of the famous culinary contest program MasterChef México, which for several seasons has triumphed every Sunday in the national open television.

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