Chef Pablo Aya

Master Chef Mexico Producer Hispanic Top Chef 2021 and 2022 Judge Flagstaff Boulder Chef Frasca Food and Wine Chef – One of the best restaurants in Colorado

Pablo Aya


He lived in Colorado USA eight years, time spent in classic French kitchens such as (the flagstaff house), the renowned Italian restaurant (Frasca Food And Wine) in Boulder, and also local restaurants like Café Brazil in Denver (exposed in the Food Network show drive-ins and dives). He began to publish in his blog and in written means like the magazine high gastronomy. He was part of the project of the Canirac in Mexico (aromas and flavors the north route organized by Patricia Quintana) and cooked for national embassies at events abroad and taught at local and international universities about current gastronomy and the importance of changing our consumption habits.

He is the executive chef on the television project for TV Azteca, Master Chef Mexico, and Master Chef Junior México, in the stage of the casting and program production, where they look for the best amateur cooks in Mexico and we instruct them for their culinary growth. They prepared the competition tests and developed the logistics for this selection.

Currently, he has placed Lia Restaurante Bar project on hold, since all of a sudden, his family and him have been requested to be here in the United States as the final step for them to become permanent.

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