Chef Fernando Trancoso


Born in 1982 in Aguascalientes, Mexico, my early years unfolded in the embrace of my hometown, “Valladolid.” I was the third among seven siblings, and my childhood was adorned with memories of frolicking in the fields, orchards, and vineyards of our agrarian community. Within the sphere of my family, I bore witness to the remarkable culinary prowess of the women, who transformed simple ingredients into extraordinary feasts. This period etched a profound influence on me.

During my tender years, a taco stand became my classroom for culinary exploration. With enthusiasm, I immersed myself in diverse tasks—be it clearing tables, scrubbing dishes, or more. These experiences ignited a spark within me, igniting a fervent passion for cooking. When I turned 16, my journey led me to the United States, and I found my new home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Commencing with humble roles such as flipping burgers and washing dishes, I gradually gravitated toward the front of the house. With perseverance, I ascended the professional ladder, eventually overseeing some of New Mexico’s finest and most thrilling dining establishments.

A desire to become a chef had always burned within me, although formal culinary education remained elusive. Yet, the opportunity to be in proximity to accomplished chefs granted me a unique education. Observing their every move, I endeavoured to replicate their techniques at home. As the pandemic’s onset reshaped the world, I discerned a perfect opening to manifest my aspirations. Thus, I relocated to Colorado Springs, and there, amid the challenges, I birthed Tepex food truck. Its essence encapsulated Mexican street food through a contemporary lens. Employing solely fresh, authentic ingredients, I melded ancient Mexican traditions with contemporary global techniques, all while upholding the essence of each ingredient and honouring the heritage of the dishes.

Tepex is on the brink of its third year, and our upcoming venture, KUHI, is already on the horizon. This narrative stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams.

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