Chef Rafael Zamora


Chef de Cuisine at La Fonda brings a rich and diverse culinary background to the table. Originally from Sonora, Mexico, Chef Zamora grew up in the bustling atmosphere of San Diego, California. Their passion for the culinary arts him hem to pursue formal education, culminating in the attainment of a culinary degree from Johnson and Wales University.

With an impressive career spanning 34 years, the chef has had the opportunity to immerse himself in various culinary traditions. Chef Zamora’s repertoire encompasses an array of cuisines, including Mexican, American, French, Italian, and Asian. This eclectic culinary journey has taken chef to different corners of the United States, where he has held executive chef positions in numerous locations across eight states. From Houston and San Antonio to Palm Springs, Park City, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Denver, North Platte, and Scottsdale, his experience showcases a diverse culinary spectrum.

What sets the chef apart is the ability to communicate fluidly in both Spanish and English, a skill that not only facilitates seamless interactions with diverse patrons but also enhances their understanding of different culinary nuances.

As chef Rafael takes on the role of Chef de Cuisine at La Fonda, this seasoned professional is poised to contribute their wealth of experience and passion for culinary arts to the establishment. With each dish they prepare, they pay homage to their roots, celebrate their journey, and invite diners to savour the unique flavours that have shaped their culinary odyssey.

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